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  • 5 star review  Such a great class! Fun and motivating! I'm not a very fit person but Steff trains to suit my ability! Fantastic!! If you haven't gone to one of his classes yet definitely go!

    thumb Emily Lingham-Wood

    5 star review  Having tried all different types of fitness regimes and diets over 20+ years I discovered an amazing military style bootcamp in my home city of Birmingham which transformed the way I looked and finally gave me the figure I had been so desperately trying to achieve. When the time came to leave and move down South I did not know how I was going to replace this bootcamp because so many places I researched were extremely expensive and also did not fit in with my work shifts and lifestyle. Consequently over time I lost everything that I worked so hard to achieve and as I edged into my forties I started to notice the weight creeping back on. As much as I tried with new fitness regimes and clean eating the weight just wouldn't shift. I started to believe it was my age that was holding me back, that was until I met Steff Harris who in the space of 10 weeks through a mixture of PT sessions, his outdoor Bootcamp classes and a personalised nutrition plan has put me on a fast track back to how I looked in my thirties! Friends are starting to comment, clothes that I refused to throw out once again fit me and most importantly my confidence has increased. I would highly recommend Steff as a trainer, he is extremely professional and very dedicated to all of your needs. He ensures that you push yourself hard through every minute spent with him taking the time to ensure you get your technique right and explaining the benefits of each exercise so that your own knowledge builds. His understanding of food and the science behind it is not to be questioned, because it is evident that Steff knows what he is talking about and the proof is when you see the results you've always wanted in the mirror. I honestly can't sing Steff's praises enough! Oh.....and he's got a great sense of humour as well so he'll also make you laugh through the pain πŸ™‚

    thumb Patricia Shiels

    5 star review  Very good online service working out from home getting help from instructors online and always there to help and give excellent advice would highly recommend

    thumb Kevin Parker
  • 5 star review  I joined Evolve through a recommendation and I'm so pleased I made the effort to call and join the group. Meeting up with a great group of people to train together is so motivating and makes Evolve PT fun and ever changing! Steff always provides individual advice and attention during the training sessions so it's the best of both worlds. Personal and also motivating. I recommend this to anyone who will listen!!

    thumb Helen Taylor

    5 star review  Amazing My friend and me had been speaking about getting fit for a while and then she stumbled across evolve ptuk .. I said yes when she asked me to join and was nervous about what I was getting myself into .. honestly it's the best thing I've done steff is great and really pushes you to as much as you can do and the work outs - although hard -are fantastic .. I've only been going a few weeks but already I feel so much better , I have more energy and everyone at the group is so welcoming .. what I love as well is the fact the company wants to give back to the community and for someone who has worked as a nursery nurse for 12 and half years we've never had the recognition until now being able to get a little bit of discount .. I even persuaded two of my friends to join .. highly recommend evolve ptuk if you want to get fit !!!

    thumb Anneliese Michelle Rolfe

    5 star review  Great first session and spicy made it fun with scenarios. It's amazing I'm still alive with all the gun fire and grenades being thrown at me. Can't wait to get back out again .

    thumb Steven Malone
  • 5 star review  I joined the bootcamp style classes 8 months ago and absolutely love it. I could not find excercises style that I would enjoy before, but I absolutely love it. It is fun it is outdoor and I could feel the difference in the way I feel and look very quick!

    thumb Agata Luch

    5 star review  Great personalised training and support. I can really see and feel the difference.

    thumb Becky Thorp

    5 star review  I have been training under Steff's guidance now for little over a month and already I have noticed some vast results. I have always been an active and physically fit person but Steff has helped to understand the core fundamental basics of training and as such help to push me further. I would highly recommend Evolve PT to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing.

    thumb Zak Murphy
  • 5 star review  Steff is a great trainer, very motivating and sets my partner and I realistic goals. We really enjoy our early morning training sessions and would thoroughly recommend Steff!

    thumb Hannah Brown

    5 star review  Very professional trainers, a great workout every time. Can't recommend the PT service enough

    thumb Gary Rodden

    5 star review  A great way to take your fitness up to the next level. Classes are always positive and cater for all participant levels. Whether you're a new starter or already into your fitness you'll be welcomed and encouraged to push your physicality forward. If it's a gentle introduction to exercise, or a healthy push you need you'll find it here. The group classes are well managed and a superb fitness alternative for those who enjoy the outdoors and varied exercises over the stuffy monotony of regular gyms. The Evolve PT team really put in the time, not only offering classes but also putting together trips and running groups, all contributing to making your fitness fun as well as fulfilling.

    thumb Mell CartHans
  • 5 star review  Addictive.! Even in the cold it is still great fun and you definitely don't feel the cold after 5 mins. Always new and different exercises.

    thumb Michelle Haynes

    5 star review  Where to start., I've always gone through life battling with my weight as I found it very hard sometimes to stick to exercise and diets and other things that I have tried, thats never really worked out for me. Being overweight has always affected me with my confidence being low and always felt embarrassed to take my shirt off in the summer while on vacation. Ept uk has turned my life around! they will recommended to me by a friend that put me in contact with them. I would just like to say a big thank you for giving me the confidence now thanks for giving me the body I always wanted, amazing diet plans and training that you can stick to and make it part of your lifestyle I feel so healthy and look so much better than I did before!

    thumb Steven Li

    5 star review  A very excellent company. Steff has an extensive knowledge of physical training. Awesome with 1on 1 Helps any individual reach there goals Highly recommended

    thumb Martyn Harris
  • 5 star review  Great trainers,great people, good fun and you get results xx

    thumb Sue Mclean

    5 star review  Excellent military training in all weathers nothing better than rolling around in the dark and mud!!! You will notice a massive improvement in your fitness after a month, no class the same, for all levels of fitness.

    thumb Justine Treanor

    5 star review  My mum told me to come to a class best decision I have made steff is great he's helping me reach my goals he's done me a food plan I am really happy with the progress I am making and its changed the way I look at food and I feel so much healthier along with my workouts and also the classes are great everyone helps each other and really motivates you I would recommend you try a class be the best decision you make

    thumb Grace Mclean
  • 5 star review  Great workout for all abilities, supportive trainers and the friendliest group of people I have ever met whilst doing any training programme. 5* +++

    thumb Louise Sert

    5 star review  Great company. All the instructors and clients make the sessions good fun and a rewarding experience. Special thanks to Jay and Dave for all their help and encouragement. Such a professional approach and a wealth of experience brought to every class by those instructors.

    thumb Clinton Green

    5 star review  Within a short time I have had a chance to train with Evolve, they made a good impression on me. I liked their personal approach, professionalism, variety you get with different coaches and physical challenge. Top marks from me πŸ™‚

    thumb Denisa Polcerova
  • 5 star review  Got good results, improved my fitness level and toned up... Sessions are fun, informative. Well planned and hard work which is just what I need I would definitely recommend evolve pt to help someone reach their goals

    thumb Wendy Woo

    5 star review  A great way to take your fitness and training up a level. Steff is an extremely positive individual who looks to push you to the best of your ability. My regular gym program has been altered and improved to help me reach my goals.

    thumb Stuart Winship

    5 star review  What can i say just come and give it a try and guarantee you'll love it like i do! Every instructor has a different style so you never get bored and they all push you to succeed but not only that the other members in the team support you too who are all lovely people. Five stars not enough!! See you soon πŸ™‚

    thumb Paul Newman
  • 5 star review  I joined 4 weeks ago and my fitness has definitely improved since. The classes are challenging and good fun, and all the instructors are well trained and helpful.

    thumb Michael Lotherington

    5 star review  Thank you Steff! I'm so happy with the results! I've enjoyed the past 6 weeks training with you! Every session has been so different. A great motivator!

    thumb Gurvinder Sagoo

    5 star review  I have been going to the boot camp classes now for about 6 months and have to say they are so much fun. All the instructors really know their stuff and are so friendly. The classes are for all levels of fitness - I started them having done no exercise in years and am now pushing into the upper levels of the classes. I found them so good I am about to start personal training with them. Can't recommend them enough!!!

    thumb El Stigmata
  • 5 star review  Love training with Evolve! Both Edi and Steff are great PTs!

    thumb Maria Bhatti

    5 star review  Fantastic PT! Really cares about how your training is working for you and takes his time with new comers. Really detail orientated and definitely knows how to get brilliant results! Can't recommended him enough!

    thumb Jordan Saran

    5 star review  Fantastic, worth every penny. Iv had 4 children and had to shift the baby weight. Evolve helped me with this. Fantastic training, work out and guidance to suit you. Thank you for your support and getting me back to me. I would highly recommend and you should definitely give evolve a try.

    thumb Emma Gibbs

Best Personal Trainer & Personal Training in Brighton, Sussex

Live in Brighton/Sussex and want to get in shape? Maybe you’re looking for a way to take your body to the next level? Well if you’ve arrived at this page then that’s probably a yes and rest assured, you’re in the right place!

One of our professionally trained Brighton personal trainer is just waiting for you to call up and book a session! Or any of our Fitness Personal Training classes Brighton / Brighton fitness classes and fitness services for that matter because with a great customer satisfaction rate it would be ridiculous to go anywhere else.

Just look at any one of our many 5* customer reviews and think about what you could achieve with us, we’d love to show you!

We have a range of different methods to get you into the body you want and the confidence that comes with it is free of charge, because you deserve it. As you’re probably aware, this is about more than just looking good, that’s only half of it, you also want to feel good, and if feeling good about yourself isn’t something you already do then we’re sure our Fitness classes Brighton will do the trick and have you oozing confidence in no time at all, just as many of our clients have found out before you.

An effective way to do so is by trying any of our fitness Personal Training Brighton or other fitness services, (even more than one if you’re up for a challenge!) like our Personal trainer forΒ Brighton Personal Training service in which we offer one to one training and partner training. Or you could try our excellent food programs the contents of which are especially tailored to your bodily needs.

The great thing about our personal trainer Brighton programs and subscriptions is that you’re not left on your own to come up with motivation at the gym, which as anyone who’s tried and failed with a gym membership alone knows, is extremely difficult.

Your Personal trainer keeps you motivated and wants you to succeed! That kind of encouragement is proven to keep you going and get you results fast and reliably. This is because you and your Brighton personal trainer have a level of accountability that makes sure you won’t slack.

This means you can give it your all each time you exercise with them and get the most out of your work out time. This is also shown in our Fitness Personal Training Classes Brighton and organised running club. Partnership and people who share your goal are both aspects that we at Evolve PTUK know breeds results (And a lot of happy customers!).

And for that reason we invite you to partner with us and connect with others who share your goal of getting in shape, don’t miss this opportunity to have the body you’ve always wanted and certainly deserve.