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Lynsey Watson
I've always struggled with my weight. I tried every diet under the sun and all of these fad diets with the shakes etc, but always managed to end up back at square one. Until I booked Steff Harris at Evolve PT UK to try and help me get healthy and be able to keep up with my kids. The man is a life saver! He totally turned everything I thought I knew about dieting on its head and worked with me tirelessly (through all of my moaning lol) to help me build my fitness levels and drop the lbs. I did a mixture of personal training, a nutritional plan and a group bootcamp class in Imperial Park. I'm not there yet, but I'm 10 stone down and 12lbs to go..... And I have no doubt that Steff will get me there. I can't thank him enough for turning my life around and would highly recommend anyone to give him a try!
Nikki Hall
I have been coming to the classes for the last 2 months or so and I try to go 2-3 times a week. I can already see the results I feel a lot healthier and definitely toning up and my fitness level has increased as I am now moving up to the higher bib 🙂 would definitely recommend it to anyone especially people who really want to push them self that bit further
Mirka Pittnerova
Amazing amazing amazing!!!! Best workout I have ever been to. Always there for you. Definitely deserve 5* . And I've lost 4kg in one months yeeeey would recommend it to everyone.
I have always exercised with varying results, but until I started training with Steffan as my personal trainer, I wasn’t getting the consistency in development and fitness that I felt I deserved. Steffan understood the way my mind worked, to get the best results out of me. He brought just the right amounts of motivation..
Ben Luck
I’m a 24 year old man, I’ve been training for a couple of years and found that I couldn’t get any further by myself. That’s when I got in contact with Steffan, he came up with a great, easy to follow program which helped me in gaining strength and size which matched my goals..
Just want to thank you for the training and all the advice and support you supplied, i think your training program is 2nd to none and i was very pleased that it was tailored to my lifestyle, the training program was easy to follow, the training was hard but at a pace that fitted with my level..
Louise Sert
Recently I have found I've reached a plateau on my weight loss journey. And deep down I knew the only way over this was exercise and not just half an hour of keep fit a week!!...Nervously I made the call to Steff at Evolve who put me at ease and invited me to a free trial.  As a beginner I was made feel so welcome and Ollie my trainer was very encouraging as were the rest of the members... I have since signed up for three bootcamps a week as I believe their training methods and help with menu planning will take me where I want to be. Thanks all!